Hostgator Web Hosting Support

The support which hostgator Web Hosting provides for its clients is phenomenal to say the least. The company has really gone out of its way to ensure that constant and operational support is available for its clients around the clock, all day long.

This is evident in their customer support team’s availability on a 24/7 basis, on weekends and even on major holidays, thus supplying the customers with helpful aid whenever they should need it.

The customer support and technical support teams aren’t just for show either, these are some of the most qualified individuals on their field who are rigorously monitored and regularly tested in order to ensure that all of hostgator’s customers receive only the best service, with the most knowledgeable support team members who will aid them and answer all their questions and concerns; ensuring that the conversation is never over until the problem has been eradicated. Customer support for hostgator can also be reached through a variety of ways, including online live chatting on their website, e-mail exchanges as well as a hotline directed at the customers; toll-free of course!

Hostgator Web Hosting Reliability

There are several reliability indicators which tell the customer that signing up with hostgator web hosting is the right choice; anytime, all the time. For starters, their aforementioned dedicated customer and technical support teams have received rave reviews by the company’s customers in many online review boards and have truly taken the company to entirely new levels. When going into business with hostgator, you can rely on this customer support team to see you through any troubles and ensure your web hosting experience is free of errors or flaws. Another reliability indicator is found in their diversified packages and plans, the “Value Class” plan provides its users with weekly backups, 2 bandwidth providers, up to 2 MB attachments as well as a 2-stage spam protection system at a mere $3 per month. The more advanced and superiorly popular “Business Class” package provides the customer with 50 % faster server speed, over 20 MB sized attachments, a 4-stage spam protection system, with daily backups and up to 5 bandwidth provider in addition to a premium version of the website builder tool. The business class version also features the 90-days extended money-back guarantee; offered at $5.95 per month.

How to Find the Best Backup Generator for Home

The best portable generator for your home depends on two simple things, how much you plan to use the generator, and how much you want to spend. People are installing backup generators in their homes in record numbers. Living in the southern parts of the United States in the summer, and losing power during nasty thunderstorms for any length of time, is unbearable.

The same holds true for those folks in the north who endure snow storms that bring down power lines all the timeWhen having the lights on and keeping the refrigerator and freezer cold is a must, then a standby generator is surely needed. Candles and flashlights just don’t cut it any longer. There are two main types of generators, standby and portable. The standby generator is permanently installed outside your house and wired into the electrical system. Some start and stop automatically. These generators are powered by natural gas or liquid propane and require a permit and professional installation. If you want to run your air conditioner off the backup generator, you need to get one that is strong enough to handle the high load. For example, if you have a 5-ton (60,000 BTU) air conditioner, you’ll need at least a 20 kilowatt generator. Determining wattage is extremely important, you need to make sure you get a generator that will take care of the things and people you care about.

Learning the proper electrical terms is essential, otherwise you get confused really quickly. The bigger the generator the more amps. Most homes use between 0 and 200 amps, never the full amount all at once. You don’t need to buy a 200-amp generator to power your home during a blackout, unless you really want one to run everything in your home. Generators come in all sizes, shapes and colors. They usually run from 8kW to 48kW. Again, what size you needs depends on the way you plan to use the home backup generator.

Standby generators range in price from $500 to as high as $15,000. Portable backup generators are great to use in emergencies at home or in remote locations where you have no power. Many people buy portable units to take camping and boating.These portable units are fueled by gasoline and include 120-volt power outlets like the ones in homes. You can plug your appliances and tools directly into these outlets.

Portable generator costs range between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on size and features. Buying a portable backup generator means you must also buy an automatic transfer switch. Just match the amps on your main breaker and your transfer switch. If you have a 100-amp main breaker, you will need to buy a 100-amp automatic transfer switch. There are three styles of automatic transfer switches: Standard, Load Centers, and Service Disconnect.

Fortunately, Standard has almost been eliminated; they are just too old and most electricians will no longer install them.

Load Centers are ideal for backup generators in small homes; although they will not power an air conditioner, they will keep the lights on.

Service Disconnect switches are best for homes with 200-amp service. They cost a bit more, but are much easier to install than the load centers. Inverter generators are small gasoline powered units that run quieter than other generators. These units are great for camping as they run quiet enough not to bother anyone. Propane powered generators are similar to standby and portable generators, except they run on clean burning propane. These are handy to have because all they require is a spare tank or two of propane for backups.Every maker of backup generators has a generous selection of makes and models suited for every need. The best ones will start automatically and allow you to run your air conditioner and use your electronics and computers.

When these things go dark you feel lost. Home backup generators are there to quickly come to your rescue when you are stranded in the dark due to a powerful thunderstorm or snowstorm. So, you can find some useful portable generator reviews and buying guides on